Get to know our story: we are two sisters, partners in crime and friends who were raised in a family that loved sports. Our parents in the 80s were two young entrepreneurs who founded their own children’s swimming club.

Our father’s passion for the sport led him to be a professional athlete, who for years did marathons and we were his biggest fans.

We still remember the adrenaline rush of seeing him compete among hundreds of runners in the marathons. He lived and lives his life giving 100% to achieve what he wants. His legacy lives on in us, that is why we design our own sportswear firm.
Viive SportsWear is a line of athleisure wear, different, authentic, happy and fun for people who are willing to give that 100% and seek to wear unique pieces when doing sports.

Live your life without limits, With 

María Ángeles and María Ale Montilla